Wow, this month has just flown by! I hear that happens when you’re having fun. I still had a ton to do January, but I’ve loved every second. I thought since I’m an avid documenter (no one could ever accuse me of being anything less than absolutely excessive) I’d share 10 things in January that I’ve loved, been a part of and achieved.


1. Hey Gorgeous! I can’t stop boasting about our company. This January we celebrated our very first social media birthday! Our Facebook page has grown to 34,000 followers in just 365 days, and I don’t know, but I think that’s pretty astonishing.


2. I’ve done a couple illustrations too, this January. I’m in love with my new Wacom Cintiq Companion, but honestly, I haven’t had much time to break it in. So I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to add this piece to my Society6 store, draw these baby bears as they are at this moment (goodness they’re growing fast) and experiment with different lighting techniques.


3. I finished a tutorial on how to do quick cat eyeliner. Hurrah! Yep, there are some intense close ups of my face, so I think I’m checking that box on my resolutions list that reads ‘be brave’. I’m really enjoying how amazingly supportive my Instagram followers have been with my recent ‘experimental’ postings. I do know that the puppies pull in the crowds, but I could never have imagined how much love I’d receive on a personal level. I’m so blessed.


4. Society6 added clocks and mugs to their ever growing list of art merchandise. I absolutely love these. Aren’t they super cute? You can see more of my illustrations on clocks over here.


5. I’m loving my tumblr account these days. I was actually talking to Grant about how I used to compulsively write in my journal when I was in my teens, but I don’t do it very much any more. I think the freedom of microblogging is way more fun, not quite as messy, and of course, gifs of Floydie giving high five for all eternity kinda sells it to me. I’m a much more frequent updater too, and because it’s much more personal, you’ll find things on there that you won’t find on any of my other platforms.


6. It’s no secret that I’m a little obsessive about my photography. Last year I took 100,000 photographs, bought a new camera, got a better camera for Christmas from my dad (he’s the coolest) and I really found a passion and a half. This January, I’ve been trying to refine a few things, and hopefully you’ll be seeing technical improvements over on Instagram and Flickr.


7. This guy! What a champ. Bentley’s had a bit of a tough time of late. He had some poorly ears, developed quite a paralysing phobia of having them touched, and then, suddenly, he’s a big brother to two little monster bears. But he’s been to the vet and patched up, and I’m so happy to see him playing again, seeking those babies out for snuggles and kissing them when he thinks no one is watching. What a sweet, brave bear he is.


8. We also filmed our very first Hey Gorgeous TV commercial this month, which was so much fun. We had such sweet models, the most amazing setting, and a complete blast. All for 8 seconds of film! But hey, we’re growing up, we’re creating magic, and it’s the first of many, I’m sure of it!


9. Oh January in Cape Town, you’re not exactly rubbish, are you? The weather has been so beautiful, and I’ve been loving spending so much time outside. I’m so blessed that my hours are flexible enough to allow me to make impromptu trips to the beach, bears in tow. After my dad went back to England at the end of December, I’d fallen in love with my country all over again. It’s so lovely to be a tourist, and to see the magic in the places I drive by on the way to the post office, or to pick up milk, places I sometimes take for granted.


10. Falling in love with the little bears. It’s quite amazing what different personalities all three of my newfs have, and I’ve definitely been enjoying getting to know the new additions. They like to snuggle under my desk when I work, follow me everywhere I go (they literally shower with me, because I’m that crazy about them!) and oh, they make my heart happy every day.