The last few weeks, I’ve given up sleeping. Well, not intentionally, but it seems to be a negative effect of having an incredibly busy schedule. So I thought, since I’ve been slightly absent from this blog, that I’d take a moment or two to celebrate my achievements this week. I’m hoping that by the end of the post I’ll be able to say that missing my bed has been worth it.

One: This isn’t so much my achievement, as Bentley’s. My baby bear is growing up to be quite delicious. He’s been going to the beach more often, and so far, he hasn’t accidentally squished anyone or surprise kissed strangers. Go Bee!

February7th (1)

Two: I ran a competition with Biz Monster on my Facebook page to win a print of Crimson.


I’ll admit, I’ve been kind of slack when it comes to Facebook. It’s never really been my favourite social media platform, especially because I can’t produce an art piece every single day, and then I’m never really sure what to say in between, but it certainly does have it’s perks. The number of people who were following me, wasn’t exactly one of them. So I welcomed a bunch of new faces and brought my numbers to a respectable level. And that inspired me to…

Three: I did a drawing last night, of these lips. I actually just wanted a simple profile image for Facebook, but it got a little out of hand. But I don’t care. I love how feminine, and sexy, and fun they ended up looking. It may not be my most amazing piece of art, but it’s summer, and I’m feeling pink.


Four: I had a lovely, sweet Valentine’s Day with Jason. There were cookies and roses and surprises. His hours are awful at the moment, but it’s always nice to take a moment to appreciate each other.

February14th (2)

Five: Phöebe and I went to the Aquarium. She hadn’t been since she was really little, so as a grown up, she walked around in absolute awe at all the sea creatures. We had such a lovely morning, but then she got tired and had to come home to nap. Maybe she really is only five!

February10th (2)