Recently, on Instagram, I’ve been posting a couple self portraits. Mostly because… there’s a boy, and he’s been making me feel really quite special. I’ve had a few requests for makeup tutorials, which is funny, because I don’t reaaaalllly know what I’m doing, but since I haven’t updated here in a while, and because I’ve decided to be a little braver this year, I thought I’d give it a go! Why not?! I mean, intense close ups of my face is really rather brave.

So, for this tutorial, I’ve used:


1. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara 2. Topshop Brighten Liquid Pen in Moonlight 3. Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Jet Black 4. Rimmel Lip Gloss in Coral 5. Rimmel Superlustrous Lipstick in Think Pink 6. Revlon Powder Blush in Plum Sugar 7. Maybelline Eye Shadow 8. Design Compact Powder from the bargain bin in Soft Beige.

Step 1:


Start with a clean, moisturised face. I use Hey Gorgeous Happily Ever After Moisturiser. You’re going to have to excuse my hair for this tutorial. I was just attacked by hair munching killer puppies.

Step 2:


I don’t sleep nearly enough, but that’s ok, because this pen is pretty amazing for brightening up tired eyes. I put a few dabs under my eyes and use my fingers to blend into my skin. I generally don’t wear very much makeup, but I do find that if I need to run out, this is the thing that I grab first. P.S Spot Isabelle? :]


Step 3:


I use a eye liner pencil generally. I find it a lot easier than a liquid liner, but I would recommend a liquid liner for a long, warm night out, instead. It’s much more intense, and more likely to stay on all evening.


Starting in the inner corner, I pull my eye lid tort and work from the inside to the outer corner. I find it helps to close my eye when working near the inner corner, and then opening it for the outer.

Following the natural shape of my eye, I create the upper line first, before filling in the bottom, nearest the lash line, and darkening the whole thing. The flick is entirely up to you. I tend to be more dramatic in the evenings. The key though, is to make sure that both your eyes are even.

Step 4:


Using a little light eye shadow, I brighten just below my eyebrow. This lifts the eye, makes you appear younger (ahem) and since people are naturally attracted to light, it draws attention right to your eyes. Plus, it hides any stray hairs you might need to pluck.


I use my fingers generally, but you could apply this with a soft brush. Ensure you’ve blended it in properly for a natural look.

Step 5:


I’m pretty lazy about foundations. Because I take pretty good care of my skin, I try to avoid it, but for today’s tutorial, I did use a little compact powder, just to even out my complexion. This one comes from a bargain bin. I prefer the powder over liquid, simply because it’s so hot here, and noone likes feeling like their face is melting. I focus on my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead for this.


Step 6:


Again, I don’t often do this, unless it’s winter and I’m doing that whole, pale and interesting thing, but if I needed to add a little colour to my cheeks, I find that this Plum Sugar Powder Blush is my go to blush. Generally, because I have a more olive-y complexion, I use darker blushes than you might if you’re fairer than I am. Less is definitely more for this look.


Focusing on cheek bones (mine are kinda hidden under my muffin filled cheeks) I lightly apply the blush using a soft brush. You might wanna try ‘fish lips’ to help highlight the natural line of your cheek bones.

Step 7:


My favourite part! I think that this look is very retro, and nothing is more appropriate than overly mascara’d spider-like, big, fat eyelashes. I love this mascara because it comes with a huge applicator.


I apply to both the top and bottom lashes, at least twice for a dramatic look.

Step 8:


Unlike the banner image, where I did a red version of this tutorial, today I used a ‘Think Pink’ lipstick, followed by a coral lip gloss on my lips. It’s a softer, more natural look, though I have to be honest, I think I love the drama of red better.


Apply the lipstick like you normally would, and blot off excess before applying a lip gloss to seal in and brighten the colour and add a shimmer. I’m enjoying coral shades this summer.


And… there we go. That’s it! Just to fix my hair :]