Thoughts on love, serendipity, the universe, princesses and hope.

It’s less than a month until Valentine’s Day and I’m not going to pretend otherwise, but I love the idea of love. It’s not even just on a personal level, though you’re not going to hear me complain about how full my heart is, how I hang on his every word, how I ache when he’s so far away. I love the couples who walk hand in hand, the over commercialisation of clichéd Valentine’s gifts (because yes, there definitely should be a holiday where you celebrate your commitment to someone else), the roses, oh, the roses, and most importantly, the concept that even in today’s busy, crazy world, full of independent types, determined to evolve passed silly love notes and cheeky winks, it’s a holiday of hope. And I hope that if even if you’re single, you see it this way too. True love. It’s a thing peeps. For realzies.


I remember once, talking about blogging, and having a public voice, with an old boyfriend of mine. He said that people can see through your words, without you even realizing, so I should always use my own voice. He wore faded jeans and his guitar hung from his shoulders and when he spoke, his words were dry and witty and full of cynical, but completely poetic views on politics, the world, the universe and all the reasons why you should be too cool to believe in serendipity.


Naturally, in my silly teenage way, I attempted to adopt an air of I’m-also-too-cool-to-care, but the truth is, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. I watched too many Disney movies as a child, I always sit on the edge of my seat when my Gran tells me family stories about ‘pirates’ and romance, and quite honestly, love keeps creeping up on me, in my work, in my passions, in those sweet bears, and when I least expect it, there’s a boy, with cowboy boots, who asks me to tell him good things.

If never before, I’m sold that the universe takes extra good care of me. I believed in it long before The Secret came along and turned it into a lazy man’s way out of actually pursuing dreams, before it was cool and then uncool, and way before I even realized how it really worked. The truth is, it’s not a big magical act at all. There probably isn’t some chap sitting up there granting wishes to all the girls who believe in Disney princesses and love, but I can’t say for sure, just in case there is one.


Looking for the wonderful each day isn’t about wonderful things suddenly happening. They always happen, but it’s your choice to see them or not, to focus on them, to appreciate them, and to follow them down a rabbit hole into a wonderland of a better life. And finding love, and loving being in love, and believing completely that this time, this one won’t break your heart, is exactly the same. He won’t. Or maybe he will, but it’s up to you whether you let the universe lead you down a path of heartache, or perhaps if you have faith, this time, you’ll go down a path where you are free from all the negatives in your past.


Valentine’s Day, for me, is about having an open heart. Not just for your partner, or your crush, or even just the dream of the perfect person to ‘complete’ you, but an open heart for everything that gives you butterflies, that gets your heart racing, that elates you and makes you the fullest version of yourself.